I’m a 25-year-old virgin and I can’t help but wonder: Is sex really all that?

Is it just me who feels awkward when their friends talk about their sexual conquests?

Like how do you approach the fact that you’re in your mid twenties and still a virgin?

Is it a big deal?


I don’t feel like it is. Of course, I find it really awkward when people are talking about the ‘amazing’ sex they’ve had…. the size of genitalia – it feels wrong.

But on the flip side I suppose I do feel that I’m missing out. But can you really miss something you’ve never had?

I’m far from a prude but I guess It’s just really uncomfortable, like how do you take part in a conversation about something you’ve never experienced before? Am I supposed to just pretend and go along with it?

It’s a scary and almost isolating thing when you’re surrounded by people who can all relate to the conversation and you’re just sat there feeling invisible.

There’s only so many times you can sit in your bedroom masturbating before you get bored and tired of doing it yourself.

But Does sex really measure up? Is it all it cracked up to be? I guess my view of sex is slightly warped considering the closest I’ve ever gotten to it is the porn on my computer screen.

I’ve never been confident in myself, the way I look or who I am.

There are so many reasons that I’ve put off developing a sexual relationship with someone.

I worry that I’ll never develop a bond with someone after having sex with them. But then I worry what a bond with someone would do to me. Whether I’d get hurt. Whether my first time would also be my first heartbreak.

It’s the culture of being young in today’s society that makes you feel that pressure, it almost makes you feel like you don’t fit in or don’t belong.

Or that if you do fit… how long you will fit for before someone gets bored and finds a better one.

I’m definitely not a guy who’s ready to go out into the world and let loose. I know that I find it to be a private thing, something that should be kept as a connection between just two people.

But I fear I’ll never have the courage to go out and find that other person.

And I know that, because of this, I’ll forever be wondering: Is sex really as good as it’s made out to be?

As told to thedisclosed.com

3 thoughts

  1. Ahh bless you. It must be hard for you, and not easy as a man to talk to friends. I can’t answer your question for you but I will say that it seems like your already wondering yourself so… do you want to live your life and never have a relationship or children ? If so, carry on how you are but if you want to look into it a bit more why not try internet dating ? It’s easier as you are not face to face. And I will not lie you probably will get your heart broken !
    ( if your lucky you won’t and find the love of your life straight away ) but I’m glad I did get heart broken, it made me a stronger person and made me realise what I wanted from my man. And most girls actually just want someone to love and appreciate them 😊 Good luck x


  2. Most people, that are virgins. Are actually, figure-heads. They are not, real virgins. Most of these “virgins”, even masturbate. I know of a guy. Who hasn’t had, any sex. Because he doesn’t know, where to go. All the girls, he has asked out (for sex). Have all, turned him down. He is extremely miserable. He is only a virgin. Because he doesn’t have, the opportunity. And he doesn’t know, where and how. To locate, or find prostitutes. On one occasion, he even raped a chicken. After he was turned down. By a very, very sexy girl


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