12 things you’ll only understand if your boyfriend is also your best friend

I met my boyfriend over a year ago. That was when I also met my best friend.

I never believed you could have the best of both, a friend and a partner. But when I met him that changed forever.

I now have someone who I can laugh with, who I can confide in, and who totally gets me. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not around him and I know that he’ll never judge me for anything I do or say.

And I really think that’s the defining characteristics of a best friend. I’ve just been so lucky to have found it all in one.

Here are 12 things that only happen when you’re in a relationship with your best friend.

1. You are extremely comfortable around each other. Maybe too comfortable. You can totally just be yourself without feeling judged.

2. You could literally do nothing all day together and have the most fun, pigging out on pizza, watching TV for hours – who wouldn’t love that?

3. When you do actually go out somewhere together it turns into a fun adventure – even just doing a weekly food shop!

4. Date nights are even more fun because you’ve actually left your comfy let’s-watch-Netflix-and-eat-pizza side at home and he can see you looking all dolled up rather than the ‘scruffy bun and no makeup look’ that you pull off so well.

5. He insists that he loves you the way you are and that the ‘scruffy bun and no makeup look’ mentioned above is actually his favourite (even if you don’t believe him). 

6. Your family love him! Your parents and siblings have basically taken him in as one of their own, so there is no escaping now! He’s even treated like a brother by your siblings.

7. He is your biggest fan and he will support you through anything  you do just as long as you are happy.

8. You talk to him like he is one of the girls, he needs to know all of the gossip even if majority of the time he isn’t listening. You are my boyfriend and best friend – you signed up for this.

9. You’re both very honest with each other, no matter what. If something’s bothering him he will tell you in the nicest way possible. Honesty is the best policy! Until he tells you he doesn’t like your new purple lipstick. Excuse me? 

10. You both start to act like each other and enjoy each other’s different interests. Even if you don’t always have the same interests you’re always on the same page on most things.

11. You laugh at the most ridiculous things that other people definitely wouldn’t find funny – but you both get each other and something little could set you off laughing for hours!

12. You know that no matter what happens, big or small, you’ll always have each other’s backs. And that’s something I’ll always be sure to keep hold of.

Words by Danielle McCormack

Author: dannimccormackx

23 year old with an ileostomy trying to make a difference.

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