My incredible dad saved my life by donating a kidney after mine failed

When Hollie Bailey was just 13 years old, she was informed that she had kidney failure after passing out during a dance exam.

According to doctors, Hollie’s kidneys were having problems growing. She was given a transplant at the age of 15, but in 2015, after nine years, the transplant failed – leaving her with just 3% kidney function.

She was put on dialysis right away in order to keep her kidney working, and doctors began searching for another suitable donor.

But incredibly, they didn’t have to look far, as without a second thought, Hollie’s amazing dad stepped forward to donate his kidney to his daughter. After numerous tests, Hollie found out her dad was a perfect match.

On the 4th December 2015 the pair went under the knife together.

The operation was a success, and Hollie was over the moon to wake up next to her dad – something which will forever be remembered as ‘the best Christmas present’ she could ever have wished for.

Hollie, who’s now 25 years old and comes from Trethomas, Wales, told exclusively: “My dad was up and about the next day and out within three days.

“I had to stay in because I still had a drain in, but a week later I was home with my boyfriend and family enjoying Christmas.”

She continued: “It was amazing knowing my dad had given me his kidney. We are very close and we are both doing great – we’re back at work we haven’t even had to change anything in our lifestyles since the operations.”

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