​10 things people with constant headaches are fed up with hearing

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with headaches.

While some are worse than others – to the point where I am bent over the toilets throwing my guts up from the pain – they never seem to leave. I am literally stuck with a constant headache from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep (and everything in between). And no matter what I do, I’ve never been able to find any relief. Not even the doctors can tell me what’s going on.

The headaches are so frequent that nowadays, unless it’s a bad migraine, I don’t even class it as a headache, I class it as feeling ‘normal’. And that sucks.

It also means I’ve heard every patronising comment there is under the sun. And yes, they do make my headache that little bit worse every time I hear one. If you’re a sufferer of constant headaches, you’ll probably be able to relate.

Here are 10 things people who suffer with headaches are fed up of hearing.

1. Do you drink enough water?

Now if you are drinking 8 glasses a day surely that should be enough right? There is only so much water one person can drink in the day, and the regular trips to the loo in the wee (sorry) hours of the morning are always a bonus.

2. Maybe it’s the weather?

Sun, wind, rain, snow… yep still a headache. I understand that if there is a storm coming people get headaches and I understand the heat can spark one off, but how is it just the weather if you have a headache in all weathers?

3. Have you been to the doctor?

It says on most painkiller boxes that if pain persists for more than 3 days to seek medical attention. So I am guessing when the headache gets to the 6 month plus mark you have already been multiple times and been put on multiple prescriptions – and you just have to except you are just a ‘headachey’ person – and that you probably could’ve paid for an entire mortgage with the amount you spent on prescriptions.

4. Maybe it’s stress?

Having a headache constantly is going to stress anyone out. It is enough to make anyone feel terrible. But if you have had a stress free day, why is that headache still there?

5. Yeah I know what you mean, I had a terrible headache the other morning, I shouldn’t have drunk so much!

That is not anything like the headaches I have on a daily basis, that is a hangover. A bacon roll and a couple of paracetamols will sort you right out.

6. Could it be diet related?

Cut food out, add stuff in, don’t eat this, don’t eat that; there is no consistency. The headache still stays.

7. Do you get enough sleep, maybe you are just tired?

Constantly?  I know being an adult is tiring but I do get sleep, and enough that would, well should stop a headache.

8. Do you need glasses?

Why yes I do hence why I wear them on my face. I wear them to read and have plenty of trips to the opticians to make sure that my prescription is correct.

9. Alright no need to snap!

I don’t mean to snap but when a headache is at its worst and you are asking me stupid questions, due to the shear amount of pain I am in it means that my tolerance for the human race today is very low.

10. Oh dear poor you, is it a bad one?

Actually no it’s just a normal headache today, normal headache? There is no such thing as a normal headache, but the fact that this one is letting you function and is only a dull pain in your eyes is what I class as feeling ‘normal’. And that sucks.

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