5 things people who struggle to gain weight are tired of hearing

Illness or no illness. Some of us are ‘blessed’ with a body that just doesn’t get fat no matter what we do.

Of course I don’t think I am blessed in the slightest.

In fact, I find it quite the opposite, I’d love to be able to gain weight just like that.

But people don’t quite seem to understand that – they don’t understand that just like those who wish they were skinnier, there are those of us who wish we were bigger.

Here are 5 comments I get about my body all of the time.

1. ‘You look thin today’

Yes, I do own a mirror. Of course I look thin, I am!

2. ‘I think you need to put some weight on’

Again, yes I know.

The problem is, this comment usually comes from people who can usually gain weight quite easily, so to them, everyone must be able to. Well, no. We can’t. Especially when you’re dealing with an illness where once you flare you can easily drop anything from a stone upwards in a matter of weeks.

3. ‘I wish I could eat so much junk food and still be as skinny as you’

My body might not gain weight from junk food, but it also doesn’t gain the nutrients from healthy food either.

4. Just being referred to as ‘skinny’ in general

That is one word I can’t stand. It’s not even a compliment so why do people use it as if it is? Or on the other hand, why is it okay for someone to use my weight as an insult?

What I hate is that people don’t think twice about calling people names for being too thin yet I was to turn around and call somebody fat, all hell would break loose!

5. ‘I wish I had your body’

For one, you mean my figure, not body. I mean, go ahead, I’ve always wanted a new one. Especially if that means I’ll have a healthy, working digestive system.

People see me with clothes on and assume I have this great figure because I am slim. They don’t see what I see every time I get undressed.

It’s hard to feel like a woman when you feel like you have the body of a young boy.

People don’t realise how annoying it can be.

You don’t know how any of those comments can affect someone and you also don’t know the struggles they go through with their bodies. We don’t need to be reminded daily.

My advice to anyone who has the urge to say something about somebody’s weight – keep your mouth shut.

Words by Natalie Bamford

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