This mental health-themed jewellery is the perfect way to spread vital awareness

Etsy store Still Here Dancing is owned by a girl named Jordan, and aims to shed light on mental illness through various pieces of jewellery.

From rings to necklaces, Jordan makes it all. While some pieces are simply decorated, others feature inspiring quotes so that the customer has a constant reminder of happiness.

Jordan was inspired to start the store after receiving her own diagnosis’ of mental illness.

She said: ‘I was inspired to start crafting and jewellery making for two reasons: 1. As an adjunct to my website,, to put positive messages onto art to help spread hope and support for mental illnesses.’

Jordan’s jewellery can cost anywhere between £12 – £25, though the uniqueness of the pieces make it worth it.

In fact, Jordan has already had a number of happy customers – especially as Jordan allowed them to customise their jewellery at no extra cost.

Through her jewellery, Jordan hopes to spread ‘hope, positivity, and awareness of mental health.’

And we believe she’s achieving the above wonderfully. Take a look for yourself at the photos below.

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